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Faucet address for donations: ---   (Address is identical across all chains/networks)

The faucet has been the victim of an exploit caused by a known weakness in a vanity generator.
The faucet is currently offline.

If you find the faucet helpful, please consider donating a tiny amount to prevent the faucet from drying up. 🚱

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Faucet instructions:

1. Select a chain/network

2. Enter your address

3. Click "Request drop"

4. Complete the captcha

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If you do not receive a "drop" from the faucet within 60 seconds, the faucet may be overloaded. Please try again by clicking the button below. If you are using a VPN, please disable it.

Note: There is a limited amount of faucet "drops" per person. This is to ensure an equal opportunity for everyone.

Chain Info:

Official Website: [link]
Discord: [link]